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Embrace the forefront of innovation by harnessing the capabilities of cutting-edge voice AI, opening doors to unexplored opportunities, and tapping into fresh streams of revenue
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Inevitably, Voice AI will assume control of contact center operations.

Use Cases

Augmenting the

$450 billion contact center ecosystem

Spread across the entire customer lifecycle to fulfill your diverse business needs

Sales and Marketing

Mimics your best sales executives for dramatic revenue acceleration.

Use Cases

Interest to Lead and lead to order conversions.

Non-contactable base outreach.

Dormant lead reactivation / re-churn.

Customer Onboarding and Activation.

Cross-sell and upsell for CLTV, ARPU improvement.

Customer retention.


Inbound Customer Support

Mimics your best support executives for end-to-end containment at higher CSAT.

Use Cases

Inbound customer support for L1, L2 & L3 queries.

Revenue generation anchored in support instances.

Feedback collection.


Collections and Renewals

Empowering collection agencies to streamline & accelerate revenue recovery.

Use Cases

Collections across buckets for 30, 45, 60 DPDs and more.

Pre-due date collections.

Renewals for subscription products/services.

Join us as a channel partner & unlock multifaced benefits




Streamline Operations

Embrace cost-efficient hybrid models that require fewer agents, significantly boosting capital efficiency. Automate tasks, minimize agent demand & seamlessly adapt to fluctuating demands.

Skyrocket your top-line

Leverage VoiceGenie's human-like AI to escalate revenue, secure additional mandates, and revolutionize client processes. This technology optimizes tasks, freeing agents for high-value, revenue-generating duties.

Discover Untapped opportunities & potentials

Transform operations that currently lack calls due to the cost barriers of live agents. This is your chance to revolutionize the way brands engage. Employ our multilingual voice AI to connect with a global customer base seamlessly, eliminating extra charges & sourcing challenges.

Unlock Substantial Savings

VoiceGenie doesn't just boost revenue through satisfied customers; it's a proven cost-effective solution that slashes call expenses, reduces payroll outlay, trims operational costs, and beyond. Your path to enhanced profitability starts here.

Collaborate with us

Achieve Global Excellence

Team up with the best

Team up with the best

Join Google's global voted no. 1 product backed by an exceptional team of premier consultants, domain experts, relentless customer success pursuers, and solution maestros – all united to ensure your success.

Lead the Digital Revolution

Lead the Digital Revolution

Join the forefront of the digital revolution, where the power of voice is beginning to shape the communication landscape. Don't just witness change—be part of the evolution.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Gain a Competitive Edge

VoiceGenie is the world's most advanced generative voice bot with AI that scales infinitely to handle peak surges. Partner with technology that propels you ahead of the largest global BPOs and KPOs, securing your competitive edge.

Elevate your path

Empower your journey With Us

Comprehensive Product Training

Our in-depth product training ensures that you & your team are well-versed in our offerings, empowering you to provide informed solutions to your clients.

Comprehensive Product Training

Buyer Persona Expertise

Leverage our buyer persona & ICP know-how for a competitive edge. We understand the nuances of effective targeting, helping you tailor your approach to resonate with the right audience.

Buyer Persona Expertise

Sales & Marketing Boost

Our partnership extends beyond technology. We equip you with sales & marketing resources. From compelling collateral to strategic guidance, our support amplifies your outreach and drives meaningful engagement.

Sales & Marketing Boost

Seamless Onboarding & Technical Support

We're committed to your success from day 1. Our onboarding process guarantees smooth integration into our ecosystem, backed by our technical team to ensure seamless operations.

Seamless Onboarding & Technical Support

Empowering New Opportunity Identification

Our partnership isn't just about the present – it's about the future. We collaborate to proactively identify new opportunities within your market, leveraging our insights & expertise to uncover unexplored horizons.

Empowering New Opportunity Identification

Dedicated Customer Support

Just as you prioritize exceptional service for your clients, we prioritize it for you. Our committed customer support team is ready to handle inquiries, offer solutions, and guarantee a seamless and prosperous journey with us.

Dedicated Customer Support
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